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What is important, is that you’re here now! Where is here you may ask? Well it’s the place where one girl, who has struggled with her weight and confidence decided to plant some roots and see what it looked like when she didn’t give up. I know it can be overwhelming to see all the different diets and ways of eating out there, and I’m not here to tell you one is any better than the other. What I will say is that the scary part is already over. You made the decision to make a change in your life, to take control of your health and what foods go into your body. I promise you, that this is not a scary place, or at least I hope it isn’t… what it IS, is a place with a whole lot of love and a whole lot less carbs.

You asked yourself the question: How should I be eating to be healthy and feel good about myself? When it comes to diet, health and fitness there is no shortage of people who know can write you a meal plan, or help you out in the gym, or even build your confidence for you. I am not one of those people, I tried to be, and quickly realized that I have about zero of the answers. I was just a girl who continued to be overwhelmed and influenced by diets or workout plans that would only keep my attention for a few weeks. I had a less than ideal relationship with food, while having a few less than ideal relationships with people and I could not find something that clicked! I’m not saying that living a low carb lifestyle helped with any of that, but what it has done is given me something that works for me! and something to be passionate about.

I can’t wait to share this passion with all of you, you BEAUTIFUL people who have stumbled across just one more way for you to live YOUR best life, whatever that may be.

You can find me, my low carb lifestyle… and pictures of my cat Greg on instagram @loveandlowcarbs

Love & Low Carb